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Republicans Voting Badly: Another in a Series

AB508 would require moped riders to register their vehicles at the DMV (oh, joy!), pay a new Government Regulation Tax (license fee) and wear a government-approved safety helmet all under penalty of law. Yet another example of the nanny state running amok under Democrat leadership in the Legislature while Nevada continues to “enjoy” the nation’s highest unemployment and foreclosure rates.

And some people want these busy-body yahoos to meet EVERY YEAR?

Alas, as is all too often the case, we have some nanny-state Republicans who are only too happy to vote with Democrats to force adult citizens in the supposedly freest country in the universe to go what the government says is in our best interest. The GOP rogues gallery on AB508:

Ass. Mark Sherwood (big surprise)
Assemblyman Pete Goicoechea
Assemblyman Tom Grady
Assemblyman John Hambrick (Tax Pledge violation)
Assemblyman Scott Hammond
Assemblyman Cresent Hardy
Assemblyman Randy Kirner
Assemblyman Pete Livermore (Tax Pledge violation)
Assemblyman Lynn Stewart
Assemblywoman Melissa Woodbury.

Let’s also give a little credit where credit is due: Three Democrats voted against this mommy-knows-best bill:

Assemblywoman Debbie Smith
Assemblyman Harvey Mumford
Assemblywoman Maggie Carlton