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Republicans Voting Badly…Another in a Series

AB 289 would grow the government by requiring that “dieticians” be licensed and regulated by the state, complete with a new mandatory Government Regulation Tax, as well as, get this, establishing a new State Board of Dietetics – just as Gov. Sandoval is calling for the elimination of most other useless boards and commissions.

Republicans voting for this Democrat bill to raise taxes and expand government regulation of and intrusion into our lives include: Assemblyman John Ellison, Pete Goicoechea, Tom Grady, Cresent Hardy, Pat Hickey, Kelly Kite, Pete Livermore and Mark Sherwood.

And then there’s AB 299.

This bill requires your auto insurance company to charge you an additional fee on your liability insurance policy in order to create a new government pool of money to provide low-cost automobile insurance for people in Clark and Washoe (but not the rural) counties who supposedly can’t afford what you’re currently be required to pay.

Seriously. Your auto insurance premium (including those of you who live in the rurals) would go up if this bill is passed to subsidize the auto insurance of people in Clark and Washoe counties who supposedly can’t afford what you’re already required by the government to pay.

Republicans voting for this bill include: Assemblyman John Ellison, Pete Livermore and Lynn Stewart.

By the way, this bill, because it raises fees, required a 2/3 super-majority vote for approval. In other words, Republicans could have killed it if just one of the three Republicans who voted for it had voted against it. So if your insurance premium goes up to subsidize poor drivers in Las Vegas and Reno, thank Republicans.