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RINO News: Grady Announces Re-election Bid

More bad news for Nevada conservatives today.

Assemblyman Tom Grady (r-Yerington) announced this afternoon he was running for re-election, laughably claiming in a press release that he “has consistently been an advocate for lower taxes.”

What a load of flapdoodle. Grady has refused to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and voted FOR the $620 million tax hike extension last session.

In the release, Grady also said, “My political philosophy is quite simple: listen to the people, be honest and responsible, help your constituents, and do what is best for Nevada.”

Blecchh! I’m sorry, but that’s not a political philosophy. That’s political gobble-di-gook. Any card-carrying liberal could say the exact same thing.

Indeed, Grady had the third WORST conservative score of all Assembly Republicans in Citizen Outreach’s ratings of the 2011 session, chalking up a putrid 43.5%.

What makes Grady’s record so much worse is that he doesn’t *have* to vote like a liberal in order to get elected. He represents one of the most solidly Republican districts in the entire state. The guy could vote 100% conservative and still be elected in a landslide in his rural district. Instead, he votes like a RINO – Republican In Name Only.

Now would be a good time, and Assembly District 38 would be a good place, for the tea party folks to do a little political culling from the GOP herd. But you can’t beat somebody with nobody. Who will step forward to challenge the tax-hiking, liberal-voting Mr. Grady? Anyone?