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Rory Reid and the AWOL GOP

Nevada Democrat gubernatorial candidate Rory “Chip Off the Ol’ Block” Reid held a press conference yesterday to announce his proposals for fixing some of the major problems facing Clark County.

But the big question is why – since he’s been Chairman of the County Commission for, I think, four years or so – has he only NOW decided to streamline government, balance the budget and address the myriad problems at UMC?

Or a better question: Shouldn’t Rory Reid get his own county house in order before trying to fix the state house? I mean, if the county is this bad under this leadership, why should anyone think he’d do better for the state.

Actually, I have an even better question: Where were the Clark County and Nevada Republican Parties yesterday after this dog-and-pony show played out?

No press releases, no statements from the chairmen, no criticism, no ridicule… nothing. I mean, if the GOP’s party machine can’t/won’t take advantage of a slam dunk opportunity handed to them on a silver platter like this one yesterday, what good are they?