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Rory Reid’s Future and Nevada’s 4th CD

The Las Vegas Review-Journal today takes a look at outgoing Clark County Commissioner Rory Reid’s future and the new congressional district Nevada will receive in 2012. It includes these Muth’s Truths:

Chuck Muth, a conservative political consultant, is among them. He thinks there’s “an excellent chance” Reid will vie for the House of Representatives seat that will be added to Southern Nevada because of population growth.

“There’s a saying: Once politics gets into your blood, the only way to get it out of your system is with embalming fluid,” Muth said.

Running for Congress would be a natural progression for Reid, who chaired the County Commission, the state’s most powerful political body, Muth said.

It also would position Reid to pursue a U.S. Senate seat after his father, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, finishes his six-year term, Muth said.

Rory Reid would be a strong candidate for the new congressional post, partly because of his commission credentials and also because the district probably will favor Democrats, Muth said.

Muth predicted that when district lines are redrawn in the legislative session, Sandoval will push to fortify Republican Rep. Joe Heck’s district with Republican voters. That will result in the new district being bluer.

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