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Sandoval’s Crap-apalooza Continues

Is there ANYTHING Gov. Brian Sandoval’s campaign won’t prevaricate about?

You already know about him breaking his tax promises and education reform promises, but today his re-elect campaign sent out this message: “Our grassroots team has been busy in this summer heat building our campaign and growing our party (my emphasis) over the past two months.”

Oh, puh-lease.

Republicans in Nevada continue to fall further and further behind the Democrats – relying 100% on voter registration “purges” just to appear competitive – and the Nevada Republican Party this week was named in a national survey as the 7th worst in the country. If that’s Sandoval’s idea of helping to grow the party, the GOP ought to send him an urgent telegram:


And in a fundraising letter I received in the mail this week, the campaign boasts that Brian is “committed to restoring integrity…to the Governorship.”


First, why is the campaign still running against Jim Gibbons? The man’s been gone for three and a half years now? Isn’t it time to move on? I mean, running against the Gibbons era is like Obama continually running against Bush 43.

And secondly, exactly how does one “restore integrity” by running on campaign platform that you absolutely, positively won’t raise taxes, or even extend the sunsets…and then raise taxes AND extend the sunsets? Not once, but twice.

Misleading voters must be some kind of Clintonian definition of “restoring integrity.”

There’s a lot more Sandoval Flapdoodle in the full fundraising letter, but I’ll get to that another time.