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SEAL Prosecution Totally Insane

I still can’t believe this is happening.

The Pentagon and Defense Department are going to court martial three Navy SEALS who captured one of the most violent and lethal terrorists in the world for allegedly giving the guy a bloody lip and a punch in the stomach? Has the U.S. military leadership gone completely insane? And why hasn’t the Commander in Chief publicly weighed in on this?

If this is how we’re going to wage this “war” against people who will, you know, walk into a room of unarmed military personnel on an American Army base at Ft. Hood and open fire, then the war is lost. Raise the white flag, surrender and bring our men and women home.

To be fair, this kind of “over-lawyering” of the war was going on throughout the Bush administration, as well. Our friend, Lt. Col. Allen West – now running for Congress in Florida – was similarly prosecuted a few years ago and run out of the Army for, essentially, scaring an Iraqi prisoner who had information about a planned ambush against West’s men.

The only good news in all of this is that the SEAL who is accused of actually punching Ahmed Hashim Abed, is being defended by the same lawyer who successfully defended Col. West….Neil Puckett. And the minute I hear where and when to send money to assist in the SEALs’ legal defense, I’ll let you all know.