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Shouldn’t We Try the Obvious First?

The problem is unemployment. The objective is to create jobs and get people working again. By definition doesn’t that mean the first thing we should do is repeal the job-killing minimum wage law and allow a willing employee to work for a willing employer for a mutually agreed upon salary without the government interfering in the relationship and artificially jacking up the cost of hiring people via government wage controls.

In fact, before we go spending billions of dollars we don’t have to “stimulate” job creation, shouldn’t we first look at each and every anti-job creation government law, rule, regulation, mandate, fee and tax and repeal them?

If you really want to create real jobs – not government jobs or “make work” jobs – you get government out of the way of the people who know how to create real jobs, not get further in the middle of their business. This isn’t exactly rocket science. Or are liberals really just more interested in expanding the size and scope of government than they are at putting people back to work?