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Spare the Tax Cuts; Spoil the Child

Some on the left and in the media have tried to undermine fiscal conservatism in the 2011 Legislature by criticizing Republicans for responding to every budget challenge with three simple words: “No new taxes.” But the left is doing the exact same thing; it’s just that their three simple words are: “Gimme, gimme, gimme!”

It’s said that government is the art of give-and-take, and in Nevada, that’s certainly true. The givers (tax payers) are constantly being shaking down the takers (tax eaters). It’s just that finally, taxpayers have had enough of these spoiled children and are now doing what every good parent sooner or later learns: How to say no.

The children, of course, are throwing temper tantrums (anybody catch that group hissy fit in Green Valley last night?), hoping to whine their way into a new pony or ice cream cone before dinner. If taxpayers, especially their elected GOP representatives in Carson City, hold firm, we’ll get some fiscal discipline back. If not, we’ll be right back where we started before you know it.