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Spending Reduction Committee’s Mission in 3 Sentences

They said God gave us eyes, so plagiarize. With that in mind, allow me to steal these wonderful words of wisdom from my friend Rich Galen at with a slight edit to direct them towards the Nevada Legislature rather than Congress…

“The Nevada Legislature needs to go through the entire spending budget and separate the ‘nice-to-haves’ from the ‘must-haves.’ Unless it qualifies as a ‘must-have’ it should be reset to zero. No matter how powerful; no matter how much money a company or association donates; no matter how compelling the tale of woe; unless it qualifies as a ‘must-have,’ we can’t afford it.”

Indeed, this is EXACTLY what the mission of a joint legislative Spending Reduction Committee should be charged with doing. Now, class, would anyone like to venture a guess as to which category Speaker John Oceguera’s new $62,000 Fitness Room & Conference Center falls?