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Stinkin’, Rotten Tax-Hikin’ Republicans

I just received my vehicle registration renewal notice in the mail. In addition to the inconvenience I need to go through to have my late-model van smog-checked while 18-wheelers continue to belch out smoke like Mt. Saint Helen’s, I was hit with a $45 “Supplemental Government Services Tax” on top of my $180 “Government Services Tax.”

The registration fee itself is “only” $33.

Where was the GOP proposal to REPEAL the GST and the Supplemental GST this session? Nowhere….although Sen. Michael Roberson (R-Henderson) did suggest that any proposed hikes in mining taxes be offset by a comparable reduction in vehicle registration fees.

Instead, 14 elected Republican legislators joined Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval in supporting higher vehicle registration fees by approving an extension of the “temporary” tax hikes passed by the 2009 Legislature.

When you next get your own vehicle registration renewal notice, tape it to your fridge along with the names of the following Republicans who voted for that $600 million tax hike – including higher vehicle registration fees – and take it into consideration should said GOP state legislator face a primary challenge.

Sens. Joe Hardy, Ben Kieckhefer, Mike McGinness (termed out) and Dean Rhoads (termed out). Assemblycritters Pete Goicoechea, Lynn Stewart, Tom Grady, Melissa Woodbury, Scott Hammond, Mark Surewould, Pat Hickey, Randy Kirner, Kelly Kite and Ira Hansen.