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Stop the Billion Dollar Tax Hike

The following automated phone recording is going out to thousands of Washoe County and Carson City citizens this morning…

“This is a critical taxpayer alert from Citizen Outreach. The Nevada Legislature is scheduled to vote on a billion dollar tax hike today or tomorrow. The entire decision on whether or not this tax hike passes is up to Senate Minority Leader Bill Raggio. If Sen. Raggio says yes, the tax hike will pass. If Sen. Raggio says no, the tax hike will be killed. To be connected directly to Sen. Raggio’s office and tell him to vote against the billion dollar tax hike, just press one now.”

If you’d like to contact Sen. Raggio’s office yourself before it’s too late, his office number is (775) 684-1419. Or you can email him at

Speak now or forever hold your peace.

By the way, word on the street is that GOP Sen. Dean Rhoads is leaning toward voting for the Democrats’ billion dollar tax hike. Sounds to me like a recall committee might be in order. Hello, Elko?