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Tark Tales

I’m starting a new feature here today: Tark Tales.

The level and sheer magnitude of misinformation being put out by Danny Tarkanian’s U.S. Senate campaign over the past few weeks is simply unacceptable. If Danny can beat Sue Lowden, straight up by playing it straight, fine. But if he’s going to lie, mislead and just make stuff up….well, I’m not prepared to sit on the sidelines and let him get away with it.

Tark Tales will be my own little “truth detector” on what the Tarkanian campaign puts out from now on. So let’s get the ball rolling….

Last week the Tarkanian campaign suggested that Lowden broke her “no tax pledge” by voting for the $100 per employee business tax as a freshman state senator in 1993. And as usual, the Tarkanian accusation isn’t accurate.

First, the $100 per head employee tax was passed in 1991, before Sue Lowden was ever even elected to the state Senate. So she couldn’t have voted for it even if she wanted to.

Secondly, and as I suspected, the Taxpayer Protection Pledge for state legislators didn’t even exist until 1994, two years AFTER Lowden ran for state Senate – so she couldn’t have signed it because it didn’t even exist.

On another matter, Team Tark announced a fundraising golf tournament yesterday, explaining that “All proceeds from this event will go towards increasing Danny’s lead in both the republican primary and his current 14 point lead over Reid.”

Problem is, no one I know has ever heard of any credible poll showing Danny with a 14 point lead, and the invitation doesn’t identify the source of that number.

This sort of thing reminds me of the late 1998 Republican gubernatorial candidate Aaron Russo – a truly unique and generally enjoyable political character. Aaron would regularly spout off incredible polling numbers on the campaign stump, saying things like, “My polling shows I lead Kenny Guinn by 20 points.” And then someone finally asked him the source of his polling numbers in a bar in Elko, to which Russo responded, “I called them myself.”

And finally, Team Tark’s crack media propaganda machine also claimed last week that I run the Nevada Policy Research Institute – which surely must have come as quite a surprise to the employees and financial supporters of NPRI.

Actually, I have nothing to do with that group other than as a fellow conservative ally. My organization is Citizen Outreach. If Danny’s campaign can be this sloppy with facts this simple, one can only imagine how reliable the rest of his accusations are.