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Tax Hike Mike lusts for DC

For the record, Washington is now under new management. Republicans won control of both house of Congress last November and are firmly in control.

So isn’t it odd that Sen. Tax Hike Mike Roberson would choose as his slogan for his congressional campaign…


Why would a Republican running for Congress want to change control back to the Democrats?

The #1 question every candidate must answer in every campaign is why they’re running.  Here’s Roberson’s scintillating answer…

“I am running for Congress because we need common-sense leadership that works for the people and finds solutions to our problems.”

Doesn’t exactly send a thrill up your leg, does it?

Could there be a more boring, inside-the-beltway answer to the biggest question of a campaign?  Talk about political pabulum.

The district, by the way, has a Democrat majority.  And Democrats loathe Roberson – unlike the incumbent he’s trying to replace, Dr. Joe Heck, whom they are only mildly irritated at.  Here’s how Nevada Democrat Party spokes-flak Zach Hudson greeted Tax Hike Mike’s announcement…

“Under boss Roberson’s leadership, Senate Republicans proposed repealing the minimum wage from Nevada’s constitution, tried to gut overtime pay for Nevada workers, and killed legislation to help military families afford child care.”

On the other hand, Republicans ain’t too fond of the guy either.  His record includes spearheading the largest tax hike in Nevada history, creating a brand new gross receipts tax and Nevada IRS, killing campus carry and killing parental notification for under-aged abortions.

Oh, and this is going to be fun…

If, as expected, Roberson gets a serious conservative challenger in the primary (I hear Danny Tarkanian will be announcing any day now), will he sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge that he broke over and over again as a state legislator and dumped on in media interviews?

And if he does, will anyone believe him?

Indeed, 221 Republicans in Congress have signed the Pledge.  If Roberson refuses, he’ll be a self-identified outlier.  He’ll also be a self-identified, major league hypocrite.

Which means, of course, he’ll have the full support and backing of Gov. Brian Sandoval and the GOP establishment.

By the way, the ever-prickly Roberson wasted no time “blocking” me from following him on his new Twitter account Wednesday.

The guy never has taken criticism very well.