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Tax My Meat Pete still Twisting in the Wind

Despite telling folks privately that he and his caucus are firmly behind Gov. Sandoval and his no-new-taxes budget, and despite that fact that every reform he requested from Democrats was shot down last week, Assembly Minority Leader Pete Goicoechea said on the floor, during Johnny O’s Committee of the Whole farce Tuesday night, that “We’re just going to be voting for the governor’s recommendations until we actually get into some negotiations down the road.”

So he and his caucus are solidly behind the governor….until a better deal comes along? Ladies and gentlemen, this is what passes for principled, conservative leadership in your state Assembly.

Oh, and Tax My Meat Pete is also telling folks he plans to run for term-limited Sen. Dean Rhoads’ seat next year. Good news: He’ll be out as leader of the Assembly. Bad news: He might win and end up in the Senate. Is there a primary challenger in the house?