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Taxpayer Watchdogs

“Nine Assembly Republicans who oppose higher taxes have introduced a proposed constitutional amendment that would require two-thirds of Nevada voters to support a tax increase before it could take effect,” reports the Associated Press today.

“The plan, sponsored chiefly by Assemblyman Ed Goedhart, R-Amargosa Valley, would extend rules for raising taxes in the Legislature to the electorate as well. Nevada lawmakers already are required to get two-thirds of both houses to support any tax or fee increase.”

Republicans in the Assembly who have NOT yet signed on as co-sponsors of this very pro-taxpayer bill (AJR 2) are Assembly Minority Leader Heidi Gansert, Assemblyman John Carpenter, serial tax-hiker Joe Hardy, and freshman Assemblymembers Melissa Woodbury and Dick McArthur.

No word yet on whether or not Sen. Raggio will be co-sponsoring the bill in the Senate.