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The American Way is Not American Idol

Assembly Bill 413 would change the way the President of the United States is elected without going through the messy process of, you know, actually amending the Constitution. If passed, Nevada’s electoral votes would go to whichever candidate won the national popular vote, not necessarily who won Nevada.

Barry Fadem, president of the national National Popular Vote organization, claims a person in a focus group came up with the “best” reason for passing this measure. “Shouldn’t the person with the most votes win?” the focused asked. “Duh. That’s the American way.”

Um, duh. No, it’s not.

The only people who would claim that a national popular vote is “the American way” are people who have learned their American history in a public school. The Founders had very sound and thoughtful reasons for setting up our electoral system the way it is. Anyone who claims that a national popular vote for president is “the American way” is woefully ignorant of our nation’s history.

Alas, that would appear to be the vast majority of Americans today. How sad.