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The Beach Police

So I took the kids to the beach in San Diego for Independence Day, and what a sad reminder of how badly we’ve let our liberties slip in this country. Everybody was sitting on the beach having a blast – tossing footballs and Frisbees and building sand castles and such – when a pair of beach cops on beach buggies started riding through the crowd, giving people who weren’t bothering a soul the evil eye.

What were they doing? Looking for anyone who might have, God forbid, a cold beer in their cooler. And yep, they found just such a scofflaw sitting just a little behind us – and proceeded to not only read this poor guy the riot act, but issued him a ticket to boot.

On “Independence” Day.

Can you just imagine what Tommy Jefferson or Johnny Adams would have said about such nanny-stating government insanity? Why, they might have even resorted to a Second Amendment remedy!