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The Further Mis-Adventures of Chicken Ric

As regular readers here already know, Ric Truesdell – the Las Vegas city council candidate with a yahoo Obama Whisperer for both a campaign manager and son-in-law – has refused to debate man-to-man his main opponent, fiscal conservative and former state senator, Bob Beers.

Indeed, he refused to participate in a candidate debate this past Monday night that was moderated by KDWN 720 AM’s Alan Stock, and then blew off an invitation by Jon Ralston to debate Beers on Ralston’s Face to Face program.

Let’s face it, the guy’s a real chicken-ric.

And while Chicken Ric refuses to “man up” and debate Beers one-on-one in public, he’s been all too happy to spend a small fortune on attacking Beers in mailers, radio and TV ads, the Internet, etc. And in one of those ads, Chicken Ric went too far – falsely accusing Beers of something that Beers has now sued him over. And what was Chicken Ric’s response?

First, he blamed the Las Vegas Sun.

Secondly, as Ralston tweeted this morning, he’s now hiding behind the lawsuit, claiming, laughably, that he can’t debate Beers now because of it.

A real profile in courage and integrity there, huh?

If the voters of Ward 2 elect this guy, they deserve exactly what they’re gonna get.