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The Jerk

Keith Schwer is the director of The Center for Business and Economic Research at UNLV. And after GOP gubernatorial candidate Brian Sandoval indicated in interviews this week there was still room to cut in the state budget, Schwer responded thusly in a news interview:

“I guess what (Sandoval) is proposing is he wants to fire people. How many firemen and how many policemen does he want to fire? How many children are not going to have a teacher in front of them? Those are the decisions that go with that.”

No, they’re not.

There are over 88,000 government workers, and they sure aren’t all cops, firefighters and teachers. In fact, you can go the Transparent Nevada website published by our good friends over at the Nevada Policy Research Institute and review each and every one of them from 2008, along with what they were being paid.

But what makes Keith Schwer a jerk about advancing this standard argument is that he, himself, appears to be one of the non-cop, non-firefighter, non-teacher non-essential government employees living off taxpayers who absolutely, positively ought to be fired. Indeed, if I’m reading UNLV’s website correctly, Schwer is being paid over $162,000 a year to do newspaper interviews calling for higher taxes instead of spending cuts.

Anybody got a pink slip handy?