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The Most Important Nevada Race in 2014

The most important Nevada race in 2014 isn’t for governor, or secretary of state, or attorney general, or even lieutenant governor. No, the most important race on the ballot will be between Republican Dan Schwartz and Democrat Kim Wallin for the office of state Treasurer.

Why? Because that little-known office has everything to do with how the state invests your tax dollars.  Elect a bad treasurer and we could be bankrupt in a heartbeat.  Just ask Orange County!

So you don’t want to miss the live debate between Schwartz and Wallin that will be held on Monday morning, October 13th.  Talk-show host Alan Stock and I will be moderating the discussion in front of a live audience at the Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas.  The debate will run from 7:30 – 8:30 a.m. and will be simulcast on KDWN 720 AM radio.

Schwartz is a private businessman and financial investor.  Wallin is a CPA and the incumbent state Controller.  Join us on the 13th and find out why each believes they should be Nevada’s next chief financial officer.