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The New RINO King

RINO, of course, stands for “Republican in Name Only.” And while the tea party movement has helped place them on the endangered species list, there are still a few still running around posing a serious danger to limited government, individual liberty and fiscal conservatism. In fact, one was spotted in Carson City just last week.

There were two bills in the state Senate – one to ban Cheetos, Twinkies and cupcakes from public schools, and another to force auto repair shops to check YOUR tire pressure under penalty of law – in which one, and only one liberal Republican voted with the Democrats: Sen. Joe Hardy.

Folks in “Jacobin Joe’s” Boulder City/Mesquite district should begin preparing for two things: (1) For Sen. Hardy to vote with the Democrats, despite his assurance to the governor otherwise, on raising taxes, and (2) To form a recall committee for when he does.