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The Real Reasons No One Objected to Johnny O’s Election Today

Much has been written and tweeted about Assemblyman John Oceguera’s election as Speaker of the Assembly today. Unlike the past two sessions, Republicans opted to just saying nothing rather than either vote for or against the Democrat. Abstentions of silence. Couple of reasons.

First, Johnny O isn’t considered anywhere near as formidable an opposition leader as Barbara Buckley was. He’s a government employee union boss whose members have been caught both lying and cheating the taxpayers of Clark County and who wasted $32,000 buying himself new gym equipment for legislators while the rest of the state is still in an economic recession. Who WOULDN’T want THAT guy in charge if you’re on the other side.

Secondly, the GOP alternative is a guy who last summer suggested taxing groceries! Why in the world would conservatives want THAT guy in charge?

While the election fo Johnny O as Speaker was, quote, “unanimous,” it was only because a number of Republicans simple chose to remain silent and wait for a better opportunity. There’s a long session ahead and there will be plenty of other opportunities.