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The Right Angle Against Reid

As political pundit Jon Ralston revealed today, former GOP assemblywoman and conservative tigress (not to be confused with an enraged ferret in a phone booth, if you know what I mean and I think you do) Sharron Angle has formed an exploratory committee and has begun to raise money for a possible challenge to Harry Reid next year.

You can read her fundraising letter HERE

As candidates go, Republicans could do a hell of a lot worse (and usually do). Sharron may not have $10 million in the bank, but she ain’t afraid of Reid’s slime machine and nobody will outwork her on the campaign trail around the state. And while I haven’t always agreed with Sharron on every issue over the years, I went online just before sending out this News & Views and contributed to her exploratory campaign.

You can (and should) do so, as well. Even if it’s only $50 or $25 or even $10. Click HERE