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Weasel Word Trips Up Sandoval’s CofS

Some habits die hard, including the habit of using “weasel words” by politicians. Weasel words are words slipped into an otherwise definitive statement which gives the person an “out” or a loophole, which is exactly what Gov. Sandoval’s chief-of-staff and former Assembly leader, Heidi Gansert, did in a Las Vegas Sun story last Friday.

In discussing possible reductions in taxpayer subsidies for higher education, Gansert said, “This governor has been clear he will not raise any fees or new taxes, to make sure the economy recovers as quickly as possible.”

“New”? Why did Gansert slip the word “new” in there? Does this mean the governor will consider raising some of the already established “OLD” taxes, such as sales taxes or property taxes or gasoline taxes or car rental taxes or room taxes or insurance premium taxes or bank taxes or payroll taxes?

You see, this is why it’s become imperative to get politicians to sign the Taxpayer Protection Pledge, which is unambiguous and totally devoid of weasel words. Had the governor signed it, pledging to “oppose and veto any and all efforts to increase taxes,” we wouldn’t have to question Ms. Gansert’s use of the word “new”….unless, of course, the governor WAS prepared to break his written pledge as Gov. Gibbons did on multiple occasions.