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What a happy “Happy Hour”!

What a great, star-studded conservative happy hour (OK, happy FOUR hours!) at Red’s Old 395 Grill Monday night after all the pomp, circumstance and nonsense of Day One of the 2015 Legislature.

Conservative State Controller Ron Knecht and conservative Assemblywoman Michele Fiore – the two most prominent Nevada elected officials who have dared to come out in opposition to Gov. Brian “America’s Worst Governor” Sandoval’s (R&R-Advertising) billion-point-three dollar tax hike – received hero’s welcome from the dozens of local conservative activists who stopped by for a cold one.

We were also joined by conservative Republican Assemblywomen Jill Dickman, Vicki Dooling, Victoria Seaman and Shelly Shelton, as well as conservative Republican Assemblymen John Ellison, Brent Jones, Jim Wheeler and John Moore.

Also great visiting with great conservative activists such as Storey County GOP Chief Jim Hindle, Shawn Meehan (Ralston hates him!), Juanita Cox, Lynn Muzzy, Ken Koeppe, Fred Weinberg, Larry Green, Tom Dickman, Kiran Hill, Diane O’Connor and a cast of thousands I’m sure I forgot to include because they came in after my third beer!

We’re gonna have to do these regularly.  It’s gonna be a LONG session.