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What NV GOP Could do with Quarter-Million

I hear that Nevada GOP Chairman Mark Amodei recently told a group of party leaders that either Gov.-elect Brian Sandoval himself, or someone close to his incoming administration, was pushing Amodei to give Mike Slanker, Sandoval’s campaign manager, a $250,000 contract. For what purpose isn’t exactly clear, but I’m told Amodei made it perfectly clear he wasn’t having any of it.

If I understand Amodei’s position correctly, if Sandoval and Friends can raise $250,000, they ought to raise it for the party, not to keep a favored consultant in business. Indeed, $250,000 would allow the party to hire some FIVE new staffers – including a Communications and Finance Director – to prepare for next year’s legislative session, the presidential caucus and the 2012 election cycle.

This appears to be a good call by the party chief.