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What part of “illegal” don’t you understand?

Apparently at the same Emily’s List pro-abortion campaign training seminar, one of the instructors ventured into Politically Incorrectland by referring to illegal immigrants as, well, illegal immigrants.  Which caused liberal activist Laura Martin to have a cow!

“Oy vey @emilyslist,” @LauraKKM tweeted, “we do not call human beings illegal!  Its undocumented immigrant or just undocumented.”

Sorry, Charlie. You’re dead wrong.  The reason they don’t have “documents” – unless they have forged ones – is because they either (a) entered the United States illegally and, therefore, are here illegally, or (b) they entered the United States legally but illegally overstayed their visa and now reside here illegally.

In other words, they ARE illegal immigrants.  THAT’S why they don’t have “documents.”  And all the semantic PC games in the world don’t change that fact.