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What’s Up in District Court 8 Race?

I’m having a really tough time getting a handle on this District Court Department 8 race between the incumbent Doug Smith and his challenger, Christine Guerci-Nyhus.

I have two good conservative Republican lawyers who I often rely on for recommendations in such races. One tells me Smith is “one of our best judges.”  The other says Smith is “the worst of the worst.”

Then you have the liberal Las Vegas Sun endorsing Guerci-Nyhus, but you also have the usually conservative Las Vegas Review-Journal editorializing that Smith is one of five incumbents “who have no business running for office.”

On the other hand, Smith has been endorsed by Clark County Republican Party Chairman Dave McKeon and Nevada Republican Party Chairman Michael McDonald – who almost never agree on anything – as well as the conservative Citizens for Responsible Government.

I am truly perplexed on who to support in this race. If any of you have any additional helpful information, please shoot it my way.