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Where, oh Where, Did the Nevada GOP Go?

Has anyone seen the Republican Party in Nevada? Anyone? Maybe we better print up some milk cartons.

If a Democrat proposes a $1.5 BILLION tax hike in the light of day, would Nevada Republicans notice? Apparently not….as indicated by the sound of silence from the GOP after Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford revealed yesterday to the Las Vegas Sun his proposal to shoot Nevada’s economy with a lethal injection of higher taxes next year.

This incompetence is beyond pitiful. It’s shameful.

But cheer up, Republicans. I understand there’ll be a conservative country concert in Henderson this weekend! And I’m told there might even be another poker party in our future very soon. And hey, after all, isn’t the fact that Harry Reid lives in the Ritz Carleton in Washington, DC, more important to burp out ad nauseum in press releases than, you know, opposing a Democrat-proposed $1.5 billion tax hike?

And some people wonder why I went back to being an independent after the primary?