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Where’s the Democrat Alternative?

Democrats yesterday whined and complained and bitched and kvetched about the governor’s new proposal for higher government employee pay cuts, with Speaker Buckley blasting Gibbons for “taking a slash and burn approach to budgeting.”

Well, at least the governor HAS an approach and isn’t afraid of putting it on the table.

Look, EVERYONE has known about these budget problems since at least the fall of 2007. That’s almost two years ago. The Legislature was called into Special Session twice to deal with the problem last year. And Speaker Buckley traipsed all over the state doing her dog-and-pony “town hall” meetings on the budget throughout 2008 as well. Plus, the Legislature has now been in session for three of its scheduled four months of full-time legislating.

And to this day, we STILL don’t have a Democrat plan! And they’re the majority party in both the state Assembly and the state Senate! Plus, Speaker Buckley enjoys a veto-proof majority in the Assembly!

What the hell are these people waiting for?

Talk about political cowardice. Bawk, bawk, bawk!!!