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Who’s to Blame if Legislature Goes into O/T?

The people of the state of Nevada twice approved a ballot measure requiring the Nevada Legislature to do its business within 120 days every other year. It’s not a secret. Everyone knows about it. Including Democrat leaders.

In addition, Gov. Brian Sandoval said “no new taxes” as a candidate, ran on it, and was elected by the citizens of Nevada overwhelmingly over a Democrat opponent who also said “no new taxes.” He then submitted a budget last January that, get this, was balanced without raising taxes. Go figure.

Legislative Democrats, on the other hand, decidedly did NOT campaign on a promise to raise taxes by $1.2 billion, were not elected to raise taxes $1.2 billion and, in fact, wasted 3/4 of the 2011 legislative session hiding and refusing to present their plan to raise taxes $1.2 billion.

There is, therefore, no mandate to raise taxes, let alone time left in the few remaining days of our constitutionally mandated 120-day session to thoroughly debate, discuss and consider the Democrats’ ginormous $1.2 billion Mother of All Tax Hikes. Which means it’s time for Democrats to face reality, suck it up, forget their $1.2 billion tax hike and complete the people’s business on time and in an orderly fashion.

And if legislative work is NOT completed by the constitutionally mandated deadline of June 6, 2011 – meaning taxpayers will have pay the additional expense for the session to go into overtime – it will be because of the Democrats, not the Republicans. And there should be hell to pay if so.