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Why Sandoval Gets No Respect from his Own Tribe

In his Sunday “Sandoval gets no respect?” column, Steve Sebelius of the Las Vegas Review-Journal notes…

“When Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval speaks, many Nevada Republicans aren’t really listening” – especially Republicans on the Nevada GOP’s Central Committee.”

As Sebelius notes, Sandoval put the power and prestige of his office on the line in an effort to oust party Chairman Michael McDonald a week ago, only to see his endorsed candidate, Robert Uithoven, trounced 193-112.

“For an incumbent governor to see his hand-selected party chair rejected by the rank-and-file member of the state central committee is more than a little bit embarrassing,” wrote Sebelius. “For a politician with innate skills and, perhaps, national ambitions, it seems our governor has limited influence with members of his own tribe.”

Boy, does he ever!

It started with Sandoval breaking his word on tax hikes and extending the “sunsets.” It continues with his refusal to support the party; instead raising money for his political consultant, Mike Slanker, to compete with the party.

So tell me again why members of the party’s Central Committee should give the governor any more respect than what he’s given to them…or give rat’s pitoot what Sandoval says or wants?